Al Thani is curious about human behavior and human interaction within spaces. She combines aspects of modular, pragmatic and minimal design to create bold yet simple design solutions. Her concepts stem from functional and realistic design, and her works have been influenced by the likes of Eileen Gray whose work explores similar qualities in spatial understanding and its multifaceted dynamics. Therefore, much of Al Thani’s work explores the relationship between decoration and functionality, and her chosen design elements convey both meaning and versatility. Running themes in her designs consist of modularity and finding dynamism in minimal form. Al Thani is an intrinsically motivated designer who is passionate about bridging the educational, cultural and social gap between the Qatari nationals and the expatriate community in Qatar.


Mashhadi calls herself the storyteller-designer who takes people on journeys in which she controls spatial narratives by designing unique yet memorable spaces. Each path in her designed space is an opportunity to explore outcomes; some are known and some are open to interpretation. Human scale dimensions are taken into consideration to create a sense of space within space. Most of Mashhadi’s work is inspired by nature, specifically the structural elements of a tree, which defines openings, connections and destination of her narrative. Mashhadi intends to advance the quality of interior design practice in Qatar by following Qatar National Vision 2030, which aims to transform Qatar into an advanced country, capable of sustaining its own development and providing a high standard of living.


Al Noaimi likes to couple the freedom and opportunity that interior design provides and harness their power to empower users in her designed spaces. Unconventional, playful and simplistic design approaches enable her to experiment with forms and elements. She works with a combination of mediums such as: digital rendering, watercolor rendering, and line work perspectives. Her work is a mixture of clean bold lines, geometric shapes and playful spaces. She is inspired by Frank Gehry’s rebellious approach to design, therefore her style in design is directed towards eclecticism and unorthodox means of creation. One of Al Noaimi’s goals is to be precise to the audience she is designing for, including the physically impaired for she believes accessibility is crucial to good design.