Designed Table Lamps


ASH Designs is dedicated to designing residential homes with creativity, innovation and emphasis on expressing their client’s individuality. The designers are specialized in programming, spatial planning, selecting materials & finishes, choosing furniture, fixtures & equipment, and considering plumbing, ventilation, and ergonomics when designing homes. The designers also provide interior architectural solutions with their extensive knowledge about the structural elements of a building, such as wall systems, ceiling designs, floor designs, window designs & locations.


ASH Designs is well-versed in conceptualizing and designing spaces for new and existing businesses. The designers know what it takes to intelligently integrate business needs with functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing design solutions. The team is trained to assist clients with businesses ranging from hotels, restaurants and retail spaces to schools, libraries and offices. They take user-safety seriously and ensure building codes are effectively implemented without compromising style, design and the client’s vision.

Space Planning
Working Together


ASH Designs work with clients on multifaceted projects that combine design with technology to create interesting narratives, experiences and memories. The designers know how to play with spaces, how to story-tell, and how to communicate with audiences through interactive environments. An important feature of their work is achieving harmonious balance with space, form and text. Their design solutions are applicable in different contexts, such as trade shows, conferences, exhibitions, and corporate worlds.



ASH Designs collaborate with clients to reinterpret and reconfigure old and outdated spaces to explore unimagined possibilities. Whether it is a spatial extension, addition or subtraction, the design team works with clients to provide functional, seamless remodeling solutions that take planning, organization and the client’s budget into account. Like any other design project, high aesthetic qualities along with design functionality play a key role in guaranteeing that the final outcomes always satisfy both clients and intended users! 

Space Planning
Designed Table Lamps


ASH Designs redefine the way lighting design is perceived, designed and produced in Qatar. Through extensive research and interesting concepts, the designers use light, shadow, movement and form to create unparalleled lighting design solutions that meet the client’s need, style and personality. The type, amount, color, distribution and effect of light are given equal importance while conceptualizing and designing. The final lighting solutions are not only unconventional, but also represent a unique symbol of ASH aesthetics!